Frequently Asked Questions

We provide a FREE UK or EUROPEAN address for you to shop confidently with your preferred UK retailers.

We help you shop if the retailers don’t accept your credit cards.

We aim to answer all your questions.

How does Meykaya shop for me?
If your preferred UK retailer doesn’t accept your credit card or doesn’t deliver to your destination in Nigeria, Meykaya can do the shopping and payment for you.

Just give us all the necessary product order information and we will make sure you don’t lose out on any discounts or offers.

When your orders arrive at our warehouse, we will notify you. Meykaya offers this as a paid service.

How do I make payment?
You can make payments by using PayPal,, direct bank account deposits or wire transfers.

We DO NOT accept cheques.

Sign up and we will give you all the necessary details.

What product information do you need?
We need you to provide us with most of the following product information, so that your orders aren’t delayed.

  1. Product name
  2. Brand
  3. Model name/number
  4. Manufacturer
  5. Quantity
  6. Price (single item or pack)
  7. Size
  8. Colour
  9. Unique product number
  10. Dimensions
  11. Weight
  12. Website link to product, online retailer or supplier

* give us as much information as necessary

What happens if I want to cancel my orders?
You can make changes to your order or cancel your order directly with the UK retailers according to their terms and conditions.

If you use Meykaya’s services to shop for you, you cannot cancel your orders after it has been placed with the UK retailers.

However, Meykaya will help to return goods according to the UK retailers’ return policies.

How am I kept up-to-date with my orders?
Meykaya will notify you via email or telephone if your orders are in stock and if they are not, ask you if you would like to proceed with the order.

When your goods arrive with Meykaya, we will notify you immediately.

What if my goods are damaged on arrival?
Meykaya will return any damaged goods to the UK retailer according to the returns policy and would notify you as soon as possible.

You may be charged a fee for this service, so you are advised to find out about the returns policies of your preferred UK retailers before placing an order with them.

How long does delivery take?
Meykaya will wait for all your ordered goods to arrive at the warehouse.

We promise to deliver your goods within 7 – 10 working days, after receipt at our warehouse.

We work seamlessly with our logistics partner – – to deliver an excellent delivery service.

Delivery rates will depend on the final destination in Nigeria.

How does Meykaya handle the storage process?
In keeping with an agreed time scale with our customers, Meykaya will wait for a period of 7 working days for all of the ordered goods to arrive at the warehouse.

However, if there are delays, we will contact you to find out how to proceed with the order. If there are more delays, then storage charges may apply.

Can I collect my goods from your warehouse?
Meykaya does not allow for third party collection by a customer.

We allow customers to collect their goods from our Nigerian warehouse with prior arrangement and on producing the unique customer number.

We DO NOT allow customer collection from our UK warehouse, under any circumstances.


Refer to our Terms & Conditions for further information about our services



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