Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are set out for you to use our website and sign up for our services. By signing up to the services of Meykaya International, you are entering into a user agreement which is legally binding.

Our terms and conditions was last updated in October 2015 and prepared between Meykaya International (“We”, “Our”, “Us”, “Website”) and you (“You”, “Your”, “Customers”)



You must be 18 years old and above to register on our website. To sign up for our FREE UK address or Shop for You, we will verify your identity by asking for a copy of two (2) proof of identification – your Driving License, International Passport or National ID Card. We need these documents to confirm your name and address.

We will only ship to the address listed on your identification documents.



We DO NOT share your personal information with companies, organisations or other third parties without your permission or required by law to do so.

Meykaya International operates a strict rule regarding confidentiality and online security. Your information is safe with us.

You are responsible for the use of our website and we require you to keep your username and password safe. If we think either of these have been compromised, we will reset your password and notify you immediately.


Compliance With Prohibition Regulations

Visit the Nigeria Customs Service website for the goods prohibition list in order to comply with the importation of goods to Nigeria.

Customers will be charged if Meykaya International has to review the goods for export compliance.


Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us. The personal information we collect from you will be used to process your transaction with Meykaya International and make your experience with us more gratifying.

How we use the data collected from you is set out in our Privacy Policy.


Shipping and Delivery

We deliver to any destination in Nigeria, using our sister company NetCargo UK. Delivery rates and fees will vary depending on the delivery address for your goods.

NetCargo UK has been providing a quality service for more than 11 years and will guide you through any duties or taxes for your shipment.

We aim to deliver your goods within 7 – 10 working days upon receiving your goods at our warehouse.



We accept payments to our Nigerian and UK bank accounts. If we shop for you, we will send you an invoice and accept payment before buying your goods for you.

We use your unique customer number to reconcile payments, so keep your payment deposit slip for when we deliver your goods to you.

Payments must be received in full before we can proceed with your order.

You can make payments by using PayPal, Quickteller.com, direct bank account deposits or wire transfers. We DO NOT accept cheques.


It’s safe to shop with us

We never underestimate how important security is. When you place an order with us, we encrypt the order information using the latest encryption technology to-date.

We would never ask for any financial details from you on our website. No credit or debit card details. Hence, we cannot store any of your financial details on our system. When sending you an invoice, we only provide you with our bank details for you to pay us.


Refer to our FAQs for further information about our services.